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Perhaps this festive season or the coming year will be the time to give your walls an overhaul. Most people consider painting as the most appropriate way to brighten up their walls, but a most captivating yet less used option perhaps due to costs are wall tiles.

In this parts of the world people are mostly accustomed to tiles on the floor, and they make for incredibly imposing floors, until you see them on the walls. Although more often applied in bathrooms and kitchen areas in small quantities, wall tiles are a formidable style on their own and striking to behold.

In spite of their increasing adoption, few have seen of the stately elegance that wall tiles can bring into the living room, dinning, study room, hall way or office. Yet the fact is that well fitted and styled walls can be an exceptional visual attraction without compare, whether at home or in the office.

With the variety of colours, shapes and sizes to choose from, you are guaranteed to give your walls a treat of splendour rarely achievable but by the most skilful painter which for many, it’s best not to bother the expense. Hexagonal wall tiles which have been lately in use, like the ones below for example, are quite impressive to behold.


















Depending on the layout and design, well worked wall tiles can be anything you want them to be. They can be welcoming, cool, enlivening, awesome, comforting and even inspiring. But above all, they are without doubt appealing.
















Compared to wall paint, wall tiles are more durable and obviously of better quality. Once fixed, you do not have to repaint you house every four, five or whatever years and repairs are much less expensive as you only deal with the damaged piece(s).

What’s more, the science doing rounds about the dangers posed by Lead based paints is a jitter on many nerves. Perhaps you may want to reduce or eliminate the danger. Wall tiles are safe for the environment and have no potential threat to exterminate you from your house.

In any case, it’s best to get a good interior designer.