The government has invited private land owners to partner with the State Department of Housing and Urban Development on its quest to improve access to suitable land for the affordable housing project. The department has called on interested land owners to register with the Affordable Housing Programme (AHP).

Housing Permanent Secretary Charles Mwaura said that interested parties will only be required to provide personal details and details on the subject parcels of land in the application forms for the AHP. The PS further said the programme will create a meeting point for private land holders with a lack of capital and financiers with no access to land, to participate in the affordable housing project.

AHP will be responsible for evaluating strategic partners from both sides of interest for easier matching and packaging.

“We’re happy to consider projects on private land provided they comply with the development guidelines”, he said adding that successful projects of this kind will be added to the affordable housing pipeline. Window 1 of the applications for private land owners ends on February 14th.

Under the programme, developers are classified inti two categories; those who can develop more than 1,000 units and those that can develop between 100 and 1000 units, thus effectively setting the minimum.

PS Mwaura said, “interested parties are advised that only local investors, developers or consortiums are eligible to undertake projects with less than 1,000 units.”

He said that upon evaluation, successful applicants will receive a letter of invitation to enter into negotiations with the State Department for Housing and Urban Development which is the contracting authority. Subsequent windows will be opened periodically for strategic partners to submit their applications.

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