Guest Posting

Estate Cloud permits guest bloggers to share content on the platform based on the following guidelines;
  1. Objective informative articles without links will be posted at not cost and the author referenced appropriately.
  2. Posts must relate to the subject matter of our platform, which is real estate markets.
  3. A maximum of three links for promotional content with more than 500 words or 2 links for content less than 400 words. At least 350 words are required per post.
  4. Posts may include images; only one image is allowed per post. Note that an image is different from an ad
  5. Between $50-$150 per article depending on content OR $0.1 per view for promotional content (which may include images and links) and $0.3 per link click. Our understanding of promotional content is that content for which a product, service or brand is directly or indirectly promoted.

Please submit your content or any concerns through our email: