Listing Guide

Our listing feature supports the capability for agents, landlords, brokers, developers and individuals to take charge of their own listings by registering and creating a profile on the platform full with a brand logo or personal picture. Registered agents are encouraged to declare their registration, with any other accompanying credits e.g….‘10-years leasing commercial office space.’

Estate cloud is keen on ensuring maximum exposure for your property and maximum information to the potential investor, buyer or tenant etc. To achieve this, we advise that sellers, agents, landlords or developers give a detailed description of the property whether submitted via mail or listed directly by through your agent account. The details include:

  1. Key Features; Type of property, no of bedrooms, price, bathrooms, land ownership status, exterior features, year built, status (available/coming soon etc). Some of these features are already automated on the platform so you can simply select. Let us know any features you want added.
  2. Floorplan files (pdf); optional
  3. Brief neighbourhood description;
  4. Property location; search the local property location on the listings map and move the marker to the exact location. This will make it easier for potential investors, buyers or tenants to find and make a decision on your offer.
  5. Time to view/schedule a visit i.e. a call to action

6. If you are targeting investors, providing information such as going rents, current rental yields, vacancy rate and capital growth may give you access to more prospects. Alternatively, you can contact us at, to obtain a summary analysis of the investment.

7. All listings must be reviewed and published by admin.

Listing Images

You have one chance to get the first impression right, do it with perfect listing photos for your property. We recommend high resolution images (horizontal orientation), with the subject matter contained within the central 75% of the image frame. Dark, blurry, tilted images are an immediate turn off to any prospect.

It’s advisable to get a professional photographer or learn the basics here for homes/commercial listings or here for land listings.

  • File Size; Max 10mb for videos and virtual tours or
  • Recommended image formats: JPEG, PNG
  • 3D Tours (Optional): For the best user experience ensure that your 3D tour is hosted on a website that has an SSL certificate (https). If it is not hosted on a website with an SSL certificate, then the 3D tour will open in a webpage outside of the app experience. Speak to your 3D tour provider if you would like your tour hosted on a website with an SSL certificate.
  • Video (Optional) (<10mb)