Eka Hotel, located near the area

United Africa Construction Limited has finalised plans to put up an apartment block in Nairobi West. The project will take its space among several other apartments and commercial buildings that are complete or under construction in the area.

The project site is located in Kodi road 2, branching from Mombasa road at The Eka Hotel and Gen Park.

Composed of 254 multi-storied apartments each of which will have fifteen floors, the project will add to the estates high-grade housing stock. The 254 units consisting of one, two and three bedrooms of typical floors will be constructed to best market standards.

The proposed apartments development will be built in three tower blocks all with similar infrastructure which include a swimming pool, adequate parking for tenants and visitors, gyms, and elevators to cater for high-end customers.

A layout of the apartment blocks shows that they will entail parking at the ground floor, two floors for general facilities while the remaining 13 upper floors will house the apartments. Each tower will have three elevators in addition to the staircase, adequate sanitation and a water storage tank.

According to the proponents, construction of the entire project is projected to be complete within 12 months from the date of initiating the project.

The land which will carry the development is currently the property of United Africa Development Limited. The blocks will be accessible the site using Kodi road 2, which is connected to Mombasa road and the broader Nairobi West Estate.

Now famous for its high-end land mark apartments, the area has continued to attract a clout of well-oiled investors and developers, who have sent land values in the area skyrocketing with their recently recurrent concrete procedures.