Credit: cleantechnica

Kenya Electricity and Power Generation Company (KenGen) is planning a solar power project to expand its power generation portfolio.

Located near the Seven Fork Hydroelectric Power Complex in Mbeere South, Embu County, the project is approximately 160km northeast of Nairobi and about 1.5km north of the Kamburu Dam.

The project’s infrastructure will extend over an area approximately 100 hectares on land that is owned by KenGen in the county.

The proposed Seven Forks Solar Project, will see Kengen undertake to install solar photovoltaic (PV) cells over the area, with capacity to generate about 45 Megawatts of power.

It is intended that the electricity generated by the Project will be fed into the national grid through the Kenya National Transmission System (KNTS) with a grid connection directly to the existing 132 kilovolt Kamburu- Masinga overhead transmission line.

With support from private investors, Kengen will be responsible for developing the project which is part of the company’s strategic plan to meet Kenya‘s ambitious national target to increase the country’s electricity generation from renewable sources to 85%.

KenGen currently manages all public power generation facilities in Kenya and is the largest power producer in Kenya and East Africa. It owns 26 generation plants throughout Kenya, including 14 hydroelectric plants, six geothermal plants, 3 thermal plants, and 3 wind plants.

On location, the project will include on-site buildings, an operational control centre, office, welfare facilities, security and storage facilities, and stores.