Mombasa Satellite City
Architectural Impression

Mombasa is set for a new proposed satellite city backed by the Turkish African Business Authority (TADA).

Designed by Turkish architectural firm AS architects, the satellite city master plan features a mixture of commercial, residential and recreational uses on an area of land covering 600,000 square metres.

The master plan shows the city is likely to be located at the area around Tudor Creek, in what resembles a financial hub.

Nairobi and the coastal region are well stocked with a series of master plans, most of which have remained impressive on paper including the Mombasa Gate city master plan which is a cooperation between the county government and JICA.

It remains to be seen whether the satellite city master plan will proceed to execution or abandonment. Plans like this can take more than 15 years to accomplish.

The Turkish Africa Business Development Agency (TADA) has representatives in Ankara, Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania. The organization aims at strengthening commercial, diplomatic, social and cultural relationships between Turkey and Africa.

Financial details of the project remain unknown.

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