Collapsed Building Kenya

The National Construction Authority (NCA) is set to run an inspection to crack down on developers and buildings which do not meet standard occupational requirements.

Stephen Mwilu, general manager for research, training and capacity building for NCA told Business Daily that buildings that do not have partial occupation certificates and are under occupation contravene the law.

He said NCA will order an immediate suspension of occupation and construction for such buildings.

Developers usually acquire partial ownership certificates from NCA to allow occupation when buildings are partially complete.

NCA has been constantly on the trail of rogue developers putting the lives of residents at risk and the regulator has managed to stop some projects from proceeding.

However, the authority’s work has been marred by accusations of corruption and laxity from the public.

The fatal collapse of a residential building in Huruma estate which claimed 52 lives in April 2016, led to a presidential directive whose result was the creation of the National Building Inspectorate mandated to bring synergy in the industry.

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