The Waterfront Karen
The Waterfront Karen

The Waterfront Karen is all set to officially open its doors for business on the 12th of December 2018 following the completion of the all new world-class mall; a move that is set to alter Nairobi’s retail landscape.

Speaking during the mall’s opening ceremony, The Waterfront Karen Director, Dr. David Muguku announced that the mall’s current occupancy stands at 63 percent, with negotiations for occupancy of the remaining space currently at an advanced stage.

Dr. Muguku said that the anchor tenant, Game Stores and several other tenants are currently stocking up their shelves in readiness for Jamhuri Day. “The Waterfront Karen is offering 200,000 square feet of retail space that is designed to provide an unforgettable town centre feel as well as a world-class shopping and lifestyle experience for everyone who comes through its doors,” he said.

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The Waterfront Karen signed South African retailer, Game Stores as its anchor tenant towards the end of last year making it the retailer’s second outlet in Kenya. The Waterfront Karen – which is set on 50 acres of land, promises to be the go-to lifestyle and wellness destination in the city.

“The Waterfront Karen has exploited the wide space it occupies to provide space for would-be shoppers to exercise. It has a dedicated 1.2 kilometres walking, cycling, and jogging track. The Waterfront Karen is the must visit place for families from far and wide that are looking to spend an afternoon of relaxation. The Waterfront Karen is a breath of fresh air in Nairobi’s skyline and retail landscape,” said Muguku.

In line with its offering as a recreational space, several key events are lined up to take place at The Waterfront Karen. The events include Jameson Connect Kenya Concert on 8th December, which will bring together local and international music stars; The Heng: Back to the 90’s music experience to be hosted by June Gachui on 15th December 2018, and the Rembesha Kenya beauty expo hosted by renowned media personality, Sheila Mwanyigha also happening on 15th December 2018.

In addition to its capacity to host high-profile events, The Waterfront has over 1,000 parking bays to use within both open and basement parking, accessible from either Lang’ata Road or Karen Road. The development also has designated family parking bays and provisions for disabled users allowing for easy access into The Waterfront Karen.

The Waterfront Karen’s Director, Dr. David Muguku further highlighted the facility’s security saying that “The Waterfront, Karen has a world-class multi-layered security system for its tenants, their assets and customers. Vehicular and pedestrian access into the mall has been secured through four major, convenient, spacious and high-tech scanning entrances along Karen Road and Lang’ata Road.”

“Every measure has been taken to ensure that security checks at The Waterfront Karen’s entrances do not interfere with the smooth flow of traffic along the two roads, especially during the forthcoming festive season.”, Dr. Muguku added.

The Waterfront Karen is located within the “Karen Triangle”: the intersection between Lang’ata Road, Karen Road and Ngong’ Road and as the name of the mall suggests, the architectural design of the Waterfront Karen was actually inspired by water.

A man-made lake that sits on a space of 3 acres complemented by 5 acres of landscaped lakefront is situated right at the heart of the facility. Beyond enhancing the natural environment, the lake was also created to act as the mall’s main water storage and recycling area.

This way, the Waterfront Karen will considerably reduce its reliance on water supplies from public utility companies. This not only makes sense ecologically but also makes huge financial sense, especially considering that as much as 75 percent of the water bills that consumers pay in Nairobi constitutes sewerage costs.