The ministry of lands has re-engineered the land registration processes into 3 simplified steps, bringing down the amount of time it will take to register land to just 12 days compared to the previous 49 days and 9 procedures reported by the World Bank doing business ranking.

In the latest notice published by the ministry and signed by CS Faridah Karoney, the process now begins by an application for land rent clearance certificate, consent to transfer/lease/charge and valuation for stamp duty assessment in one step. This is followed by a site visit and report writing for valuation purposes as the second step. The final in the process is the registration of title to land and other instruments.

Furthermore, the application for land rent clearance, consent and valuation can now be assessed and done online through e-Citizen government portal. The ministry has also encouraged citizens to avail all documents in one batch for each required service in order to facilitate faster delivery of services.

The move will further ensure that Kenya, improves it ease of doing business standing in global terms. Last year, reforms at the ministry were credited for Kenya’s improvement in the World Bank’s ease of doing business ranking.

Kenya ranked 61 in the latest ease of doing business report, and 122 in property registration. The country still has a lot do if it is to match up to some of the leading countries where it takes a day or less to register property, at little or no cost.

The ministry of lands has also embraced a one-stop shop model for processing most of the requirements with regards to property registration, by moving all the operations to the 9th floor of Ardhi House in move to consolidate the procedures and reduce processing time.

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