Apart from the office or work, the place most people spend their time is in their living rooms, whichever the form or size. In fact, the growing number of work from home people means people are now spending even more time at home. The importance of home environment cannot be overemphasized in its contribution to emotional, mental and social well-being. Over time however, you are likely to perceive a sense of boredom creeping into your living room perhaps as a result of familiarity. Most aspects of your living room become redundant, and redundancy breeds lethargy. So how do you overcome this sense of inertia? Usually there are many options to effect change, and some are dearly expensive. Here are a few proven room changers.

Strip to it to the Bone

Getting rid of dead weight (read items) is one of the most relieving human experiences. Perhaps in the natural course of accumulation you have stuffed up the living room with too many objects, some of which may no longer be in use or need. Removing such items from the living room will create more free space giving you more room to move around or even just the liberty that comes from staring into the space. A good way is to strip the room to the bare minimum. Apart from the free freedom therapy it affords you, this will allow you to reimagine the room and think new ideas. In the meanwhile, you may want to store such items in another location, sell them for extra cash or do some good old charity. Whatever your choice, its good riddance.


Getting new paint definitely redefines a room especially if it’s different. Furthermore, paint wears away and needs replacement from time to time or your room will look dressed in rags. Getting that new look may just give your room the striking jab you have longed for. Additionally, it’s important to know which colour bakes your cake so you may in the least draw some marginal inspiration from your living room’s paint colour or the combinations thereof.

House Plants

For those in love with nature, the answer to changing your room may actually lie outdoors. The beauty of having house plants is a traditional knowledge. The challenge most people have is tending to house plants and that is the point. Getting a house plant will not only invite nature to your couch’s side, it will also keep you involved in learning a new skill if you do not already possess it, and that is fun. Plants have an intrinsic natural value and having one, of your choice, that you can interact within your reach is absolute enrichment.

Install a Book Shelf

Most people may not be comfortable having any resemblance of a shelf in their living rooms but here is a special exemption, and for a good reason. Book shelf. You may be a reader or not, either way, knowledge is a coveted asset. Even if your room isn’t as large, a book shelf strategically placed at a corner, aloof from most objects in the room is an erudite sight to behold.

Give it Some Imagery

It’s amazing what a single proportionately sized photograph or drawing can do to your room. Images can portray the past present and future in one go. Whether it’s a photo of yourself, your icon, family, nature or just an idea put in drawing; you may even get a mosaic of your favourite photos. An image can communicate to you and your visitors, many things and make the room gravitate towards it.

Get the Lighting Right

Finally, it is important to choose carefully the kind of lighting that dominates the place where you are likely to spend a lot of your time. Poor lighting can make a room look dull, boring and unbearable. Changing the type and design of lighting in your living room can create a lot of difference. Most people find bright places warm and enticing, so this will probably please your guests too.

Doing just one of the above, depending on your own assessment will renew your perception of what your living room may become if you pay attention to it.