The art of living is not so far from art. Increasingly many people are embracing art in their homes but some are yet to find a place for art in their hearts. But art has existed at the heart of human living and interactions for centuries. Which is why everyone needs to know at least how to incorporate these expressions of human creativity in our spaces.

Art can bring character into your living room and give life to an otherwise boring space in ways that no amount of paint, wall décor or furniture can afford. So here are some artful picks for your consideration.

Make a Wall Gallery

A nice assortment of framed art pieces on their own or in combination with photographs are enough to speak out from the wall. Wall galleries are a good way to mix personal experiences with personal preferences. Depending on the size of your living room, you can determine the amount to include.


Use Colour

Carefully combined colours can be as much art as any creative drawing or painting. These work well especially with plain backgrounds such as a white wall. There is no limit as to numbers but three or four colours carefully collected and proportionally placed colours can create an effective impression.

Position is everything

With events timing is everything but with art in your living room, position is everything. Any wonderfully painted or crafted piece of art wrongly placed can fail to achieve its mark. Experts suggest that the piece of art, for example a framed wall piece should come naturally easy to the eye; be well placed in relation to height and remain unobstructed by any other object.

Try Wall Sculptures

Whether wooden, plastic, metal or any other material, well-crafted sculptures can be as imposing and as characteristic as any other work of art. So you can use these to supplement or to replace paintings and wall drawings altogether.

Picture Shelves

Picture shelves are another great way to display art. But the picture shelves themselves can be amazing pieces of interior décor. Furthermore they have many uses apart from holding pictures and pieces or art, if you are fond of books for instance.