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It is easy for people to overlook an issue with the house as insignificant or defer to a later periods especially when the symptoms do not reveal a serious problem from the onset. However you should indeed get worried by some symptoms. Just like cancers, certain problems in your home should be treated as soon as they arise to reduce their impacts later on. Here are five things you want to attend to immediately they come to your attention.

Foundation Problems

For some reason that building experts will tell you if you ask them, a building may develop cracks on its foundation. Depending on the magnitude, such cracks can degrade the structural integrity of a house, affecting its safety and value. Having invested a lot of money in to the structure, you owe it to your investment to monitor the building regularly, taking note of any such changes. Cracks have a tendency to spread, which can be very costly hence they should be repaired as soon as possible.


Dampness is usually a sign of problems with the plumbing of the house causing leaks or the external drainage of the compound in case of foundations or a leaking roof. Whichever the source, tis calls for rapid action as it can result in many costly damages like peeling of paint, cracks and molds which can cause sickness. If it is not obvious, identifying the source of dampness may require a professional building inspector.

Leaking Roof

Leaking roofs are usually identified by signs such as water spots on the ceiling or on the walls although this can also be cause by a leaking pipe. Still, a leaking roof requires emergency repair to prevent molds, structural damage and the dangers of the water coming into contact with the electrical system of the house.

Electrical problems

One of the most dangerous faults to have in your house relates to the electrical system. A faulty electrical system can not only cause personal harm but it can also result in a fire. Signs to watch for include flickering lights, frequent short circuiting, blowing switches and bulbs etc. A professional electrician should be able to get the job done but you should never take the risk of delaying the repairs.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters should often be unclogged to keep the water flowing during the rainy season in particular. The risk in leaving clogged gutters alone is that the water has to go somewhere. Usually it will flow slowly down to the basement or through the walls causing damage to paint and dampness. Left unattended over time, the cost of clogging can compound from simply clearing the gutter to a few zeros on the cheque.

Plumbing System

Plumbing issues can manifest in different ways, could be a leaking faucet, a spot on the ceiling, a damp wall et cetera. When the problem is on a part of the plumbing system embedded in the structure, it can be difficult to find. A good place to start is to check whether the problem occurs after rainfall or on regular occasions. To avoid further costs, it is important of repair the part with the problem or call a plumber immediately.

Although home repairs are generally costly, time-consuming and an inconvenience, putting them off can only make them worse. We keep our homes so our homes can keep us.