Details have emerged of the planned mixed use development by Lordship Africa in Nairobi’s Ngong area. In the details posted by GDA Architects who are the designers and project managers of the multi-billion development, the design is shown to be of international standards.











The project’s main function is residential apartments, but the design also incorporates commercial offices, hotels, and retail, social and educational services.

According to the designers, the project also aims to preserve the natural ecosystem by not interfering with the richness of the physical environment, while embracing cultural and traditional aspects too.

“The new neighbourhood, in fact, while interacting with the surrounding city, can also work as an autonomous organism”, says the brief.

Connection between levels, circulation and life quality are the main focuses of the project, as well as preservation and implementation of green areas and wet areas.

With a well elaborate waste management system, energy conscious design and social concerns taken into account, the Central Park Estate promises to be an icon of excellence in the provision of sound urban living.

Drawing lessons from failed social housing projects in Europe and other parts of the world, the designers have incorporated most ingredients required for the success of social housing projects. These include minimizing wall effects, privileged views, closed views and alienation etc.

Located on the 23 acres, Central Park will occupy a position adjacent to the racecourse with direct access to Jamhuri Park. The location’s proximity to the shopping and entertainment districts of The Junction, Lavington and Karen may also afford the development some favour with the market.

However it remains to be seen whether Lordship Africa will implement the project or not. The international real estate developer has been silent over the matter.

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