NCA Officials During the Award

The National Construction Authority was on Thursday 17th of October formally awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification after going through the requisite processes and meeting all requirements.

The certificate was presented to NCA board Chairman Stephen Oundo OGW and NCA Executive Director Dr. Arch Daniel Manduku by Kenya Bureau of Standards Managing Director James Ongwae and Head of Certification Caroline Outa in a ceremony held at the Authority’s headquarters.

In his address during the ceremony, KEBS Managing Director Mr. Ongwae said that certification is key to development since it leads to standard based solutions that promote trade, innovation and overall improvement of quality of life in a country.

On his part, NCA board Chairman Stephen Oundo said that the certification was an assertion of the Authority’s commitment to improve its quality and customer satisfaction levels, sentiments which were echoed by  the Executive director Arch. Manduku who also expressed his gratitude to all who had played a part towards attaining the certification as well as to the Authority’s board for its unfaltering support.

In attaining the certification, NCA becomes one of  the 174 organizations in Kenya that have been certified by KEBS per Quality Management Systems (QMS) standards and one of only 32 Kenyan institutions that have been certified using the 9001:2015 system, away from the previous 9001:2008 system which has been in use until last year.

The certification will provide a basis for the Authority’s efforts to gain better process control, better customer satisfaction, consistency in operations and development of a professional culture.