Australian company, Sun Cable, is set to construct the world’s largest solar farm with a capacity to generate 10GW of power by 2026.

The company is also building an associated 30GWh storage facility will support the solar farm’s operations, enabling 24/7 dispatch of power.

The project which will cover, 12000 ha of land which is approximately 17 per cent the size of Nairobi County

Sun Cable is developing the project as a component of the Australia-ASEAN Power Link (AAPL), a major energy infrastructure project that will supply renewable electricity to Darwin and the ASEAN regions.

The AAPL will integrate three technology groups – the world’s largest battery, the world’s largest solar farm, and a 4,500km high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system from the solar/storage facility to Darwin in Australia, Singapore and eventually Indonesia.

The company’s goal is to export approximately $2 billion of solar energy per year to Singapore by 2027, providing power for over a million households.

Kenya’s current installed electric power capacity is estimated to be about 2.2GW, with the Kenya Electricity Generating Company (Kengen) generating 1.8 GW while the rest comes from independent power producers.

According to an International Energy Agency (IEA) analysis from the Africa Energy Outlook, 2019, Kenya is one of the few countries to develop geothermal energy which is expected to account for almost 50% of Kenya’s power generation by 2040.

The country aims to develop 2.275GW of geothermal capacity by 2030.

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