Runda land for sale

The business of buying and selling property has its hills and valleys. For one, finding a suitable buyer can be as difficult as finding a suitable seller. One particular difficulty buyers face is that land for instance, is in most cases not physically homogeneous, a term attributed to mean having similar characteristics.

And so unlike selecting one from a basket of oranges, which does not require the buyer to have a checklist, an investor trying to select a parcel of land to buy from a variety of listings would be better of with one. It is not unusual for sellers to do what industrialists call value addition, to property. However, occasionally sellers go to extreme levels just to get the deal, and then to get it done.

This happens especially when there is a lot of money at involved and the location is right. One such seller, a Re-Max agent, recently made an eye-catching offering in what could be the best listing of the year for individuals looking for land in that category

The facts of the listing are as follows in brief…

‘Along the Northern bypass opposite Two Rivers mall on the eastern side of Runda in an area known as Runda Kigwaru. Here lies a 1-acre parcel currently selling for KES 60 million inclusive of two brand new Toyota Hiace vans! The property has been earmarked for a school, preferably an ECD although other commercial ventures can also be allowed.’

This 1-acre prime real estate is only 700m from the Northern bypass and borders the estate road. It is ideal for commercial investments that add significant value to their surroundings. Some ideas for commercial investments that are ideal for this area include nursery, primary and secondary schools, and shopping malls with added services, among many others.

As an icing on the cake, it is the opinion of the seller that sale of the 1-acre piece of land be accompanied with Two Toyota Hiace vans because they would be of use to any school. The supposed school would then only need to put up infrastructure and other school amenities.

With an agreed initial deposit payment for both the land and 2 vehicles, the transactions shall proceed separately and concurrently. The vehicles are being provided by a certified local motor importation company with 14 years of experience. They shall be available in the showroom within 6-8weeks after deposit payment.

As to the reason for the suggestion by the seller that the land be used for a school, it says that an ECD school would be a very welcome addition to this area since it is virtually untapped as far as schools are concerned. Moreover, accessibility to the property is easy using the main roads or bypasses through Nairobi, Limuru, Kiambu, Thika and Ruaka, among others. With new developments continuously enhancing the surrounding areas and further afield, the seller believes the long-term prospects for any school look bright.

Whichever way the buyer would have it, the transaction is a case of two birds and one stone. The land will be sold for KES 60 million inclusive of the vans.

The seller may be reached by contacting through 0787017149 or mail us to put you through to the agent.