The Ugandan economy is about USD 27.6 billion in GDP as of 2017. The country’s real estate sector has in recent times drawn a lot of interest with government increasing infrastructure spending, construction of new malls in Kampala, the country’s oil prospects among other developments. Still, there is a lot to build in the country.  According to the International construction market survey, here is a detailed subscription of the construction costs for the capital of Uganda, Kampala.

Construction of airports is a costly affair in East Africa. In Uganda, just like its neighbours airports are the most expensive structures to put up. It costs $2547 per sqm to build a basic service low coast carrier terminal while it cost’s developers and a full service domestic terminal costs $3769 per sqm, more than Kenya and Tanzania.

A multi-storey above ground car park cost’s $419 per sqm and a multi-storey below ground car park costs $531 per sqm to build, which is still more expensive than Kenya and Tanzania.

In commercial property, business type office space cost’s $879 per sqm while medium A grade CBD offices of up to 20 cost $930 per sqm. However, premium high-rise offices in the CBD of Kampala cost $1389. Construction costs for commercial property is again the most expensive of the three countries according to the survey.

Building primary and secondary education facilities in Uganda cost $613 per sqm while it costs $796 per sqm to build a university. Hospital day centres (including basic surgeries) in Kampala costs $879 per sqm where a regional hospital would cost $1032 per sqm and a general hospital would cost up to $1818 per sqm to build.

In the hotel industry, a 3-star travellers hotel cost $1236 per sqm and a 5-star luxury behemoth would cost $1553 per sqm to erect. A resort style hotel would cost $1481 per sqm, again more than in Kenya or Tanzania.

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Warehouses and basic factory units cost $358 per sqm and a large warehouse distribution centre $521 per sqm. The most expensive industrial properties to build are high-tech factoiries or laboratories which cost $1533 per sqm.

To build residential property in Kampala, one would need $503 per sqm for an individual detached or terrace style house of medium standard. A prime individual detached house $865 per sqm to build while aged care/affordable units would cost $533 per sqm. Townhouses and low-rise apartments of medium standard cost $572 and $674 per sqm respectively and high-rise apartments buildings would cost $776 respectively.

Large retail shopping malls cost $1234 per sqm while a neighbourhood supermarket would cost $827 per sqm. A prestigious car showroom costs $817 per sqm to construct.

Labour costs are quite low in Uganda, in comparison to Kenya and Tanzania. A general labourer earns $1 for a day’s work while a site foreman earns $3 per day, the highest of the labourers in the construction site. For materials, structural beams cost $2665 per tonne. Of materials.

Generally, the survey portrays construction costs as being higher than those in Kenya and Tanzania.

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