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A socio-economic survey carried out by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) in April has revealed that over 30.5% of households were unable to pay rent on the agreed date with their landlords.

About 21.5% who usually pay rent on the agreed date with landlords were unable to pay rent for the month of April 2020 on time while approximately 59.8% of those who usually pay rent on agreed date was able to pay rent for the month of April on time.

The main reason for the households’ inability to pay rent for the month of April 2020 was the reduced income/earnings accounting for 52.9% of the cases.

Temporary loss of job accounted for 22.4% of those who were unable to pay rent while 13.9% of respondents were unable to pay rents due to unemployment. Delays in earnings also accounted for temporary financial disabilities in 9.1% of respondents who reported that they could not pay rents a result.

Only 8.7 percent of households have received any waiver/relief from landlords on rent for the month of April 2020. The matte has been left to negotiations between landlords and tenants after the government refused to directly intervene.

Survey respondents drawn from the real estate industry also reported that on average they worked 20 hours less than normal per week as a consequence of the coronavirus.

The survey collected responses from a sample of 15,840 Kenyans composed of 52% females and 48% males mostly aged between 24-years and 44-years. According to the survey results, 99.4 percent of Kenyans have heard of coronavirus mostly through radio, television and posters/billboards.

About 65.3% of male respondents were in the labour force while slightly more than half (51.2%) of the females were found to be outside the labour force in the reference period. Almost half of the respondents who were absent from work said that it was due to lockout or stay away instructions as guided by the Government and/or employers.

Ninety percent of those out of work remain uncertain on the timeline for resumption of work.

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