German manufacturer, Enercon, has completed work on Tanzania’s first ever wind farm project at a cost of US$1.2 billion following a funding grant from the UK’s Government-funded Renewable Performance Platform (REPP).

Construction work on the Mwenga windfarm project began in April 2018 and is now officially complete.

The country’s maiden wind farm is located in the Iringa region and is estimated to boost the region’s electricity supply by approximately 2.4 Megawatts when connected to the power grid network.

The project is expected to enable the local hydro-power plant to step up supply to 6,000 households from the current 4,500 households.

Consisting of three turbines, the project was developed under the supervision of the country’s Rift Valley Energy Group which oversees the development of renewable energy sources in the country.

The company started commissioning its wind farm a few days ago after “mandatory pre-commissioning tests at the Mwenga site”.

REPP said the wind farm is expected to operate initially at a low, pre-set production rate, before being gradually brought up to full capacity over the next few weeks, in accordance with commissioning procedures.

“The other two turbines are expected to be commissioned in the same manner over the next two weeks,” said REPP.

The project now marks the first operational wind farm in the country.