The State Department of Housing and Urban Development has unveiled an online portal,, that will be used to manage allocations in the government’s affordable housing project.

Transport and Infrastructure Cabinet Secretary James Macharia said the portal will allow the government to plan the affordable housing program based on needs and data submitted via the portal.

The portal will allow users to register with their details which will enable government agencies to process the data. Details to be captured include user’s biodata, employment status, household information and location preferences. The State Department for Housing has urged Kenyans to register on the portal which is free of charge.

Housing PS Charles Hinga said the department has partnered with Huduma Centre for technical support as well as establishing a help desk for the affordable housing programme.

Transport CS, James Macharia also announced that COTU had dropped its petition challenging the housing levy, so employers can proceed to deduct 1.5 percent of their employees’ which will be channeled the National Housing Development Fund.

The government has already established the Kenya Mortgage Refinancing Company which seeks to avail mortgage finance to a larger segment of the population, and international investors have already committed up to $15 billion towards the affordable housing project.

Allocation of houses to qualified applicants would start as soon as the construction of the affordable houses begins. The first project is already underway at Park Road with an expected 1500 units to cost between KSh. 0.6mn to KSh. 1.4mn.

The initial eligibility for allocation will depend on several factors such as when you registered, family status as well as demand across the housing categories. Those who do not get an allocation in the initial allocation are will be put on a waiting list to ensure that they get priority in subsequent allocations.

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