Akon crypto city senegal

Senegalese state-owned SAPCO tourism company has given Akon the go-ahead to develop a futuristic crypto-powered city named Akon City.

The project built on 2000 acres features a sustainable ecotourism village running entirely on solar power through Akon Lighting Africa.

Akon Lighting Africa distributes street lamps, domestic and individual solar kits besides sourcing financing for solar panels for the marginalized communities across Africa.

Furthermore, Akon said that the Senegalese project has a 10-year deadline after which smart cities will be rolled out across other regions in Africa.

According to Newsweek, the city will trade exclusively using the musician’s digital cash currency Akoin.

Moreover, Akon City will be located at Mbodiène, West Africa a five-minutes drive from the capital Dakar.