The Nairobi Metropolitan Services Improvement Project (NAMSIP) is planning to construct a new railway station in one of Nairobi’s most populous urban nodes, Githurai.

The new Githurai Quick Win Railway Station railway station will be relocated from the current halt location to an area next to the Thika Superhighway and the BRT station that should be implemented on Thika Superhighway.

Githurai is 12 km from the city centre with an estimated population of 600 000 people. The Urban Areas act of 2011 provides that an urban area with a population exceeding 500,000 people is legally classified as a city.

According to an environmental report by NAMSIP, the commuter railway was identified as a key component in helping fight poverty in the area by creating an environment favorable for attaining sustainable development in line with the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper and Vision 2030

Rapid urbanization has left Kenyan cities and towns with huge unmet demand for critical infrastructure and basic services. The uncoordinated growth has led to massive expansion of overcrowded and impoverished informal settlements congestion at bus stops, and traffic jams due to lack of mass transport.

The Nairobi metro Region encompasses five counties; Nairobi, Machakos, Kiambu, Murang’a and Kajiado Counties. By 2030 the region’s population is expected to have more than doubled to 13 million and the vehicle fleet to quintuple (5X) to about 2.6 million.

NaMSIP is intended to improve services in the metropolitan area which are critical for economic development that include transport systems through provision of improved modern Commuter Rail Station (CRS) facilities in order to improves access by residents to and from the CBD.

The Commuter Rail projects are among a raft of measures that Nairobi Metropolitan Authorities are putting together to combat traffic and congestion. Others include a Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) and a range of spatial planning concepts to be implemented.

The proposed project construction period will be 9 months and defect liability of 3 months respectively. The proposed Githurai Quick Win Railway Station is estimated to cost approximately KShs. 309 million. The NaMSIP initiative is backed by the World Bank.

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