NSSF Building
NSSF Building

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has warned Kenyan land buyers of the fraudsters who have been targeting individuals seeking to purchase land in the Katani and Sabaki areas of Mavoko, Machakos County.

NSSF said the purveyors had apparently taken advantage of the closure of the Ministry of Lands due to Covid-19 to trick unsuspecting buyers into fake land deals while purporting to be acting on behalf of NSSF to dispose of the land.

In a public notice, the pensioner acknowledged receipt of information concerning the fraudsters who claimed to have been authorized by the organization to sell the properties.

“This is therefore to notify the public that the Fund is not selling and does not intend to dispose of any of the properties. The public is hereby cautioned against falling victim to such fraudsters,” the NSSF said in the notice.

Frauds involving property takeover are common in Nairobi and its surrounding counties, usually undertaken by underground cartels with links to government officials and other parties like fraudulent lawyers and surveyors to ‘formalize’ the transactions.

The overall standard procedure of fraud involves the identification of State-owned or even private idle land. The deal is then cooked up in a plot involving rogue Lands Ministry officials, surveyors and lawyers leading to the illegal subdivision and sale of the land to unsuspecting buyers.

Rampant land fraud takeover fraud dating back to more than a decade ago has already rendered some legitimate property owners homeless following court and regulatory decisions.

Tamarind Meadows in Machakos is the latest casualty following a decision by the Machakos Environment and Land Court which found that Tamarind Meadows Ltd. was sold fake land in 2008 and received a fake title for the 17-acre piece.

The court ordered the owners of the vast estate to vacate the land or risk being evicted.

NSSF owns large tracts of land in Machakos and has been fighting off potential take-over fraudster for some time.

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