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Why You Should Consider Purchasing Residential Plot in Ngong

By Username Investment - 10 months ago - Kenya

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Residential Plot in Ngong
Ngong Plots for sale

The land is the only destined investment; it can never decrease in value like cars. It carries incontestable significance above any other resource. If you are looking for a residential plot, you are at the right place. 

I will tell you why you should choose Ngong because it is the perfect place to make a home.

Ngong is a small town located southwest of Nairobi. It is one of the fastest-growing towns. It is only a 42 minutes (26.2km) drive from CBD Nairobi. Below we are going to talk about why owning a residential plot in Ngong is the best investment.

  1. Very affordable

It is important to buy a plot that offers a fair price and a flexible mode of payment. With this, you as a buyer will not put too much pressure on your economy. Companies like Username Investment Limited are very affordable. Its starting price is Ksh 199,000 only. It also gives an installment payment plan for up to 12 months. They have prime plots in the Ngong area that is affordable to the buyers. Some of the Username Real Estate projects in Ngong are Ngong Fortunes, Ngong heritage, The Vineyard Ngong, and Ngong Breeze Phase VI.

  1. Favorable climate

 Ngong has a favorable climate throughout the period. Due to the influence of the Ngong forest that covers most of the Ngong, this makes it fit to live in. Username Investment has put more focus on the Ngong area due to the good and sustainable climate that attracts people. 

  1. Ngong hills view on site

The beautiful scenery caused by the presence of the Ngong Hills will make you want to reside in that place. The landscape is a place to visit and you would not want to miss it. Hiking with family and friends and enjoying the fresh breeze will be a routine. Ngong hill is a tourist attraction center where people from different countries meet and interact. it also employs the local people

  1. High security within

Ngong has great security personnel. The development of the town has increased security, especially police stations. Username Investment Limited has ensured its properties are value-added. They ensure they have a perimeter fence, estate gates, and internal asses’ roads that are well guarded

  1. High-value infrastructure

Ngong is a small growing town that has let to increase in population. Due to that, the government build a railway station standard gauge railway (SGR) that developed transportation leading to the growth of the town. Available and functioning health centers have been set up, and roads are well maintained. Electricity and clean water are readily available and always the economic activities in the area have led to the shopping malls, big hotels, and tourist sites, hence developing the place.


In conclusion, with confidence, I can recommend anyone to choose to invest in the Ngong area. This is because Ngong has proved to have the best features to set up a home. The above qualities can only be met by visiting Username Investment Limited and buying a perfect residential property in Ngong with a title deed. 

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