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Next.js Tutorial for Beginners tested

By Estate Cloud - 3 months ago - Africa

Next.js Tutorial for Beginners tested
Many of these features have to be implemented manually in other frameworks. S ...

Before you proceed, you need to remove the pages/index.js or Next.js 13 will throw the following error: error - Conflicting app and page file was found, please remove the conflicting files to continue.

After that start the dev server using the following command from the root of your Next.js 13 project:

et the following error, "This software cannot be installed because it is not currently available from the software update server.", you need to go to the Apple Developer site and grab the copy yourself.

You can then delete your new-app directory, and rerun npx create-next-app - the installation of your project should be complete without hiccups.

Starting the Next.js development server

When the installation is completed, the directory set by the project name will be created in the folder where the command was executed.

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