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National Construction Authority Moves To Boost Local Contractor Capacity

By Estate Cloud - over 2 years ago - Kenya

National Construction Authority Moves To Boost Local Contractor Capacity

National Construction Authority (NCA) CEO Maurice Akech has revealed plans to improve local building capacity in partnership with foreign contractors.

Most local projects in Kenya are currently run by foreign contractors due to a lack of local capacity to handle large projects in the road, energy, water, building and telecommunication sectors.

The government has invested a lot in public infrastructure and the National  Construction Authority chief says there is need to build local capacity in order to have a vibrant construction sector.

“Our desire is that local contractors acquire the same level of competitiveness as foreign contractors in the next five years so as to enhance the sustainability of the building sector,” said Akech.

Akech said the authority is advocating for technology transfer from foreign to local firms to enhance capacity for undertaking complex projects.

Kenyan contractors normally lose out on big contractors especially Chinese, owing to inadequate technology and financial capacity.

Akech said the aim of capacity building is to ensure that the local construction sector is empowered to grow and be able to perform mega infrastructure projects.

According to the National Construction Authority, current legislation on local content and employment for foreign contractors requires that foreign contractors should outsource 30 per cent of their work to local companies.

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