Embakasi Ranching Company Troubles Persist Despite Government Efforts

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Embakasi Ranching Company Troubles Persist Despite Government Efforts

Embakasi ranching company, a controversial land scheme is primed to erupt yet again. Trouble at the troubled land entity is brewing following the mass titling programme that was undertaken by the government to ensure an end to years of internal wrangles.

According to a recent revelation, the titling exercise has left more than 25,000 holders of the issued ownership documents with a raw deal after it emerged that the Ministry of Lands used irregular records to issue landowners with the title deeds.

An investigation by the Nation found that errors from the Ministry of Lands led to double allocation of some parcels of land in the scheme.

Surveyors interviewed by the team revealed that more than 10,000 of the 35,000 parcels under Embakasi Ranching Company have been flagged for double allocation.

Experts said that title deeds were missing Registry Index Map numbers, an indication that the person in charge of surveying may have neglected to submit a survey plan which is required for issuance of titles.

Survey of Kenya officials said that the titles missing RIM numbers could easily be challenged in court. Lands CS Faridah Karoney however dismissed the allegations as rumours insisting due process was followed in the titling.

“There is no title in Kenya which can be issued without the land being surveyed. This is what happens; you plan a place, you survey and after survey, you title. So are you suggesting that we titled land which is not surveyed? That is not true. Bring the evidence; don’t work on rumours,” she said.

Another inconsistency has to do with the fact that the number of members submitted for spotlight issuance of title deeds (50,000) by the Embakasi Ranching Company is more than the available parcels (35,000).

Officials of the company have been accused of double allocation of land with some cases already in court.

Sources told the Nation investigation that 720 plots in the scheme were issued with new registration numbers without any supporting documents or survey. 



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