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Developer to Build 229 Housing Units in Mavoko

By Estate Cloud - over 2 years ago - Kenya

Developer to Build 229 Housing Units in Mavoko

Fairvalley Heights Limited plans to develop a 229-unit residential development on 5 acres of land in Gimu area of Mavoko.

The development comprises of 3 blocks of apartments which are 8 floors each with 102 three-bedroom units and 85 two-bedroom units.

One block contains 24 one-bedroom units, 18 four four-bedroom villas and a commercial zone with adequate shops to support the development.

The total number of units is 229, all fitted with associated amenities. The development also contains ample parking, a playground and other social amenities.

The site neighbourhood has sewerage and the development will be connected to the sewer line for liquid waste disposal.

The project is set on a parcel of land which under lease to the proponent for a period of ninety-nine years from 1997 according to the EIA report.

The proposed project is located in Gimu area, off Mombasa Road near CITAM Athiriver, approximately 2 Kilometres off Mombasa Road in a neighbourhood dominated by existing residential estates, agricultural parcels, and light industry.

The total project cost for this first phase is estimated at Ksh 500 million. 

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