Nairobi City Hall

The County Government of Nairobi has launched an online system for processing development plans.

The new system will provide unique identifiers based on QR codes for all approved development plans, eliminating the need for developers to submit hard copy plans for approval.

City authorities published a notice on the local dailies notifying stakeholders in the built environment the public of the online QR code system.

The move will help accelerate the County’s operations in clearing the backlog of pending development plans which go back to eight months. Last month the technical committee on Lands, Housing and Urban Planning agreed to begin reviewing development approvals.

The technical committee also resolved to hold weekly Wednesday meetings for consideration and approval of low-risk development applications.

The new system is also expected to reduce the approval duration for construction permits.

“The code eliminates the requirement to submit hard copies of development plans for stamping upon approval thus saving the developer time in the process,” said County Urban Planning Executive Mr. Charles Kerich.

He said developers will get the opportunity to change what they want in their legal construction and property applications.

Earlier this month President Uhuru Kenyatta transferred the running of key county government functions to the national government under the newly formed Nairobi Metropolitan Services.

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  1. How does the public verify if a development has been approved? Is this not a sure way of scuttling public participation in development approvals?

    • “The Chief Land Registrar shall determine, in writing, and avail to the public the user requirements and the terms and conditions…A person shall not access information maintained electronically without a user agreement,” it states in part.

      “Upon completion of processing, the Registrar shall make available to applicants the results of their applications electronically within the dashboards of the applicants while ensuring confidentiality and protection of privacy of the applicants,” the document says.

      The regulations state that the registrar may from time to time consult the manual records and also gives users the responsibility to manually lodge documents that cannot the lodged electronically including certificates of title which is required in original form…

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