Orthodox towers

Nairobi’s Kilimani will soon be turning another page. The city is getting set for another building’s introduction into its commercial property market. The proposed Orthodox towers is set to be one of a kind building supposed to be located along Valley Road in Kilimani.

The designs as seen from ASD Sotiriou, an engineering firm that took part in the design of the building’s foundation and structural works, are extremely telling. The twin-towered, Orthodox may not be of a character to scale new heights in the city but it will be a true architectural showpiece and structural gem.





















The details of the proposed building complex show that it consists of two buildings. Building A and building B having common four floors for parking purposes. The first building, A, is 93m high and rises to a height of 22 floors including four parking floors while building B will be 61m high with 14 floors including four floors for parking.

A third building- Building C will only consist of parking spaces in its entire four floors. The complex will also have one basement used as a parking area included in the four parking floors. Both buildings (Building A and Building B) are intended for office occupancy. The building will have increased floor heights for entrances to the offices for the mechanical floors.

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The project was designed by Cyprus based A.F. Modinos & S.A. Vrachimis Chartered Architects & Engineers. The project’s timelines are not yet clear.

The city has been the subject of concrete reformation over the past few years some of which have and will prove iconic for the continent. With the latest addition being Britam Towers, the pipeline is even more promising high-risers like 88 Nairobi and The Pinnacle slowly making their ways into the skies.