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The recently established Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) which assumed management of the Nairobi County Government on 25th February has suspended the e-construction development application processing system formerly managed by the Nairobi City County Government with immediate effect.

Nairobi Metropolitan Services announced the decision in a public notice signed by the Director General, Major General Mohammed Abdalla Badi and dated 13th May, 2020.

In effect, all development applications will continue to be submitted to the Director General, Nairobi Metropolitan Service. The notice also communicated NMS would be initiating the development of a new system.

The new system which has been in use for less than three months was supposed to provide unique identifiers based on QR codes for all approved development plans, eliminating the need for developers to submit hard copy plans for approval.

The notice did not give reasons for the decision. However, it cites the notice on transfer of functions published on 26th March, which notified the public that all development applications including building plans, change of user, extension of user, subdivision and amalgamation, advertisements, and renewal of lease would be directed to the Director General of NMS under the new order.

In a military fashion, the notice also declared the disbandment of Nairobi City County Pre-Technical Committee and the Nairobi City County Urban Planning Technical Committee with immediate effect. The authority has announced that it will constitute new a Nairobi City County Pre-Technical Committee and County Urban Planning Technical Committee within 7 days from today.

According to the new directions, all applications processed through the e-construction development management system formerly managed by Nairobi City County Government from March 18th to date and going forward will be null and void.

There have been instances of disagreement between Nairobi City County Government and the Nairobi Metropolitan Service since the transfer of functions between the two bodies.

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