Owners of the property targeted for demolition, Seefar apartments in Nyayo Highrise, have been  let off the hook after the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) and Water Resource Management Authority(WRMA) issue a fresh notice extending the demolition notice to 30 days pending further assessment of the property’s location.

The NEMA authorities agreed to an extension following a meeting that was held yesterday representatives of Ederman properties (the owner) and NEMA. Ederman properties yesterday provided the environmental management authority with an EIA report for the development in question, prompting a hearing.

NEMA and Ederman properties have agreed a joint inspection of the property to establish the facts before arriving at the final decision.

It will be a relief for the developer who had been served a notice three days ago, indicating the building was due for demolition within 14 days. In the notice, NEMA had argued that the building was located on land meant for Nairobi Dam.

However, the owners have refuted the claims stating that the WRMA issued authorisation for construction works on the said land. The 12 story building contains 260 units which would be reduced to rubble if the order was effected.

The authorities have in recent months cracked down on buildings deemed to be illegally located on riparian or government land.

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