Nairobi Building Approvals

The National Construction Authority (NCA) has given a deadline requiring all developers with stalled construction sites in the country to preserve safety standards or have their structures demolished.

“Developers with abandoned construction sites and deep excavations shall present to the Authority a structural integrity report from a structural engineer within 30 days from the date of the notice and a plan to proceed with works,” reads the notice.

The Authority said that failure by developers to present the report will lead to necessary remedial action “including but not limited to demolition and or repossession of the land by the government of Kenya”.

In the notice NCA also requires all developers with ongoing, abandoned or planned construction works with excavations exceeding a 3-metre depth were to submit a geotechnical site investigation report detailing slope stability, monitoring programs and detailed studies of the effects of adjacent structures.

The authority noted the safety concerns presented to the public by excavations and abandoned structures particularly in urban areas including crime dens, health hazards and environmental degradation.

NCA now wants developers who do not plan to continue with stalled projects to safely dewater and backfill deep excavations within 30 days of the notice which took effect on September 1st.

“Upon lapse of the period, the Authority will recommend to relevant government agencies to take corrective steps at the cost of the respective developer,” the authority said.

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