Credit: pixabay

The National Cement Company plans to establish a cement factory in Nakuru County. The proposed cement plant aims to ride on the high demand for cement and building materials within Nakuru County and the rest of the country.

National Cement Company Ltd is one of the largest cement producers in the county commanding more than 20% share of local market in addition to exports to neighbouring countries.

Construction has been has been one of the fastest growing industries in recent years, providing significant contribution to the GDP. As a result, per capita consumption of cement has increased. Last year cement consumption increased by about 15.1%, driven by the rising demand for housing, a boom in commercial construction fuelled by foreign investment, and extensive government and donor-funded spending on the country’s mega infrastructure projects.

Location of the proposed project within Nakuru County is also a strategic choice to capitalize on the county’s fast growing population. With a population of approximately 1,756,950 people according to population projections from the 2009 census, the county’s population was projected to hit 2,046,395 people by the end of 2017, making it one of the most populated urban centres in Kenya

National Cement Company Ltd. is a subsidiary of Devki Group that commenced production and supply of cement in 2010 under the brand name of Simba Cement. The company expanded its grinding capacity by 5 times in 2013.

The strategic location of the proposed development thus not only offers opportunities for enhancing cement production within Nakuru County and Kenya at large, but also offers massive opportunities for attracting rapid urbanization and its associated economic and social benefits within the project area.

According to the project’s EIA report, the design of the cement plant will incorporate green building design principles, construction and operational practices that significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of development on the environment and people.