A studio apartment in Nairobi West- Signature Apartments

A developer plans on putting up a twelve level block comprising of 143 studio apartments, 15 parking bays and other auxiliary facilities in Nairobi West area.

The neighbourhood has undergone massive transformation in recent times which has seen residential development shifting from low density to medium and high density including including apartments, commercial complexes and institutions.

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The building is adds to the mix of Nairobi West’s commercial level activities including banking, insurance companies (Barclays Bank and Equity Bank), corporate offices and suites, supermarkets and retail shops

Kenya’s urbanization rate currently stands at 4.4% an equivalent of 0.5 million new city dwellers every year. This has raised the need for more affordable houses as income levels have not grown in proportionate to population growth.

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Laser Freight Limited, is proposing to set the development is set on 0.0558 hectares of land located along Kisauni Road in Nairobi West. The building will be situated about 400m from the Nyayo National Stadium.

The project entails a lower ground floor level comprising of 7 parking bays, ground water tanks, generator room and switch room, an upper ground floor level comprising of 8 parking bays and two parking bays on the road reserve, laundry area, caretaker’s room and gate.

Typically the first 11 floor levels will comprise of 13 studio apartments, a roof level lap pool, gymnasium, service ducts and other utilities. Many developers are increasingly venturing in studio apartments to suit market needs.

The proposed project is estimated to cost KSh. 283.5m over the course of the next two years when it is expected to be completed.