During a the release of the third quarter house price index, HassConsult revealed that investors were holding off their plans as they await the government’s move on affordable housing schemes. The government’s initial strategy under the Nairobi urban regeneration programme is to transform Nairobi’s old government estates into thriving affordable housing communities.

Details presented at the East Africa Property Summit Early this year, show seven such estates market for redevelopment under the affordable housing drive.

Ngong Road Estate

The estate currently houses 96 county staff houses on a 21.5 acre piece of land. The underutilized parcel is ideal for high density redevelopment which is one of the principles to be adopted under the new scheme.






Old Ngara Estate

The estate currently consists of 114 housing units on 5.1 acres of land and could certainly also hold much more.

New Ngara Estate

The estate currently holds 136 housing units on 4.12 acres of land.

Pangani Estate

Made up of 46 housing units also on 5.2 acres of land adjacent to Ring Road Ngara, in the precincts of Pangani police station.

Jevanjee/Bachelor’s Estate

The location for the planned Jevanjee estate currently consists of 80 units on 7.5 acres of land.

Uhuru Estate

The development is planned on a 7.5 acre Greenfield site in Buruburu.

Suna Estate

The estate is planned to be put up along Suna road on a 5 acre parcel of land next to the current Toi market.

The 51 acres of land earmarked for redevelopment under the Nairobi regeneration scheme currently hold just 438 housing units implying just about 8 units per acre . The programme aims to put the land into highest and best use.

According to details of the proposed estates, the developments will be looking to incorporate the interests of low income groups, provide housing support services like schools and health, and use of green technology.