; Nyali Convention and Business Centre Design

Mombasa county is set to grow its status as a regional hub following the planned construction of a modern conference facility. The proposed Nyali business and convention center, will help improve Kenya and Mombasa’s reputation as a Meetings, incentives, conferencing and exhibition (MICE) destination in East and Central Africa.

To achieve landmark status, the developer hired architectural firm BS consultants to design and craft the monumental building. The building’s concept is drawn from the traditional African spear head. It will be 120 metres high with 35 usable floors.

Nyali convention centre intends to add diversity to the various products existing in the market by providing world-class retail space that will attract big international brands such as Gucci, Louise Vuitton, Apple and many others to tap into the evergrowing middle class in East and Central Africa.

In 2017, Kenya was ranked second in Africa after South Africa in spending on luxurious items according to Afrasia Bank New World Wealth survey.

According to BS Consultants, the complex will also feature grade A office space, a 50 room hotel franchise and most importantly, a 4500-capacity world-class auditorium. Construction is slated to start next year.

Sustainable design tenets to be incorporated into the building include 1.40% glazed ratio dominant in the South -North facing facades to mitigate against solar heat gain and overheating hence cutting the operational cost of the building.

The building will also have an integrated photovoltaic system in the glass facade to help power the air conditioning system (60%) and the motion sensitive lighting system, grey and black water recycling in conjunction with rain water collection for landscaping and flushing.

Also included in the design will be natural day-lighting, cross ventilation, passive cooling techniques, vegetative and evaporative cooling. The building’s white exterior and paving will help to reduce any urban heat island effects.

The building will employ the use of locally available materials with lower embodied energy and high thermal mass in its construction. According to the architects, 90% labour and expertise for building the structure is to be locally sourced. The locals will lias with a U.K based firm in its construction.

Construction is set to begin next year with the project location said to be along Links road in Nyali.

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