A London-based luxury property developer, One Point Six has entered into the Kenyan market setting pace for its operations in East Africa.

The luxury real estate developer is established in London where its residential projects have been selling for premium prices. It’s entry in East Africa has been marked by the signing of its initial contract with Victoria Commercial Bank to design its corporate offices.

One Point Six which derives its name from the ‘golden ratio’, the perfectly symmetrical relationship between two proportions, was set up by the company’s directors Yadav Jani and Bhavnish Chandaria in 2017.

The expansion into East Africa is being spearheaded by Directors Yadav and Bhavnish, both of whom have backgrounds within real estate and finance in Kenya.

Victoria Bank’s new commercial office is set to be approximately 4,000 sqft. of space located within the vicinity of East Africa’s largest mall, Two Rivers. The office will function as a branch but will act mainly as a discrete area for the bank’s VIP clients and high-profile individuals.

According to Africa property, the project will be designed from in the firms London office, whilst materials will be sourced from UK and European suppliers.

One Point Six’s contract with Victoria Commercial Bank is the first of a series of projects the firm plans to undertake in the region including 4 residential developments.

Yadav Jani said, “Having completed a number of high-end interior projects in the UK, we are now bringing our expertise to the local market in Kenya. We know what high end spaces should look like and will deliver this project in a way that lives up to the market.”
The Victoria Commercial Bank project is due for completion in late 2019.

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