Kenya Methodist University(KeMU) is expediting a building project in Nairobi’s Central Business District. Showcasing the project on their website, the designer, DLR Group says they have designed the building to serve ‘our client’s mission of creating affordable residential accommodation for the up-and-coming middle-class, mainly younger, people working in the city, as well as affordable office space for businesses just starting out’.

The ground floors going down to the basement will consist of retail units and a plaza that stretching out to the street. The plaza will be occupied by a small collection of kiosks that will activate the space and make it a vibrant place to eat, socialize, and spend time under the huge Jacaranda trees that have been there for decades.

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Consisting of 375,000 square feet of mixed-use development, the building will rise to 32 floors. The base of the building is a multi-story retail and entertainment environment that engages the new public space. Above it will be an automated parking garage with twin car-lifts, which presents an unusual solution driven by necessity, since there is not enough site area to create ramps, and bedrock is just beneath the surface, allowing only a single level basement.

The building’s basement will be the holding area for the automated parking system to ensure smooth operation and minimal wait times. These levels can be converted to further accommodation should the need for parking decrease in the future.

On top of the building will be a roof bar that for easy viewing of the surrounding area. DLR Group is undertaking the planning and architectural design of the building in conjunction with a partner firm, Tectura International.

The project will be supposedly located on Utalii street in the location currently occupied by City Center Car Park.

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