land governance in Africa

The county government of Kajiado has slashed land rates by 65 percent following a deadlock between the county government and land owners over rates especially in satellite towns.

Land owners had opposed the proposed rates citing what they felt as coercion by the county government. The governor earlier this year directed Lands and Urban Planning CEC Hamilton Parseina and Finance CEC Alais Kisota to review the land levies together with stake holders.

According to the new order, a parcel of land with annual rates equivalent to KES 10,000 will now be required to pay only KES 3,500 beginning February next year when the new rates will take effect.

Residents welcomed the move even as the country government hopes this will increase compliance.

Land rates one of the major sources of revenues for county governments. According to data from Nairobi county’s budget office, land rates was the single largest contributor to local revenue in the four-year period between 2014 and 2017. In total, land rates generated KES 10.27 Billion in the four years.

The move could make investment in the county more attractive compared to surrounding counties.

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