Jevanjee Estate Design

Nairobi Bachelors Jevanjee Estates Ltd has submitted regulatory filings for the planned Jevanjee affordable housing project to the National Environmental Management Authority.

The project is situated along Quarry Road and bounded by Ring Road Ngara, Kirima Market, and Muslim Girls Secondary School and is located just opposite Kariokor Market.

The development will take place on approximately 3.595 Ha of land in Nairobi’s Ngara area. According to the fillings, the project is one of the Public-Private Partnership flagship projects in the Provision for Affordable Housing under the “Big 4” agenda.

Details show that the proposed project will see the developer construct 12 blocks of 14-story mixed-use apartments and lettable commercial spaces on the land. Seven of the blocks are designated for social housing while 4 blocks comprise market type low-cost housing and 1 commercial block.

In proportion, government social housing schemes are allocated 65% of the units and private, low-cost housing units have been allocated 35% of the units with a total of 1800 units and adequate parking slots.

The project contains a mixture of one, two and three-bedroom units in different proportions. Social Housing will consist of 117 one-bedroom units, 585 two-bedroom units and 468 three-bedroom units, a total of 1,170.

Private affordable housing will consist of a mixture of 378 two-bedroom units and 252 three bedrooms, with no one-bedroom units. The total of 630 units represents 35% of the project housing. The project is located a short distance from the neighboring Pangani Estate.

Nairobi’s affordable housing markets are undersupplied with more than 48% annual supply intended for the upper-middle-income segment, 35% for high income and only 2% for the low-income segment despite having the greatest housing need.

This shortfall of housing supply for the low income is the reason for the proliferation of slums and informal settlements.

This project is one of those identified under the Government’s National Affordable Housing Programme whose goal is to provide decent housing to its citizens at subsidized and affordable costs.

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