The government plans to construct 100,000 units of social housing in the next four years, according to an official from the state department of housing a as part of plans to eradicate slums in the country, a housing official said on Thursday.

Patrick Bucha, housing secretary at the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure Housing, Urban Development and Public Works, said that the houses will be built across the 47 counties.

“The social houses will be for workers in the informal sector who will not qualify for the affordable housing scheme,” he said.

As part of the country’s national development blueprint, the Big Four agenda, the Kenya nation plans to build 500,000 affordable houses by the year 2022.

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Until now, most real estate developers have been focusing on the middle and high-income segment because that is currently the most profitable sector of the industry, Bucha said, adding that high cost of land in urban areas has pushed the price of owning houses beyond the reach of low-income workers, he said.

Commenting on the matter recently at the EAPI Summit, Centum Real Estate Managing Director said that there is a variation between what the government considers as affordable housing and what the private sector is willing to invest in as affordable housing.

The government has mapped 498 informal settlements in all the urban centers of the country according to Bucha. Beneficiaries of the social houses will be selected from the least capable income segment since demand will exceed supply, he said.

According to Xinhua, Mr. Bucha said that monthly mortgages for the social housing units will be as low as KSh. 2,000 a month.

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