Nairobi Railway City
Architectural Impression

The government has gazetted 172 hectares of land comprising part of the Nairobi Railway Station and its surroundings as a special planning area as part of its plan to actualize the Railway City project which will be set up as a special planning area.

The gazettement in effect prohibits any other development in the area bound by Haile Selassie Avenue, Uhuru Highway, Bunyala Road, Commercial Street and Landhies Road, to pave way for the Railway City project.

Nairobi County Lands and Urban Planning Executive Charles Kerich published the gazette notice on 13th March, 2020 issuing a one-year moratorium on development within the 425-acre area, subject to extension.

The lands executive said the railway masterplan plan will complement Nairobi’s CBD and transform the existing railway station and its immediate environs into a world-class, efficient urban hub.

According to the masterplan, the project will be a complementary functional, architectural and urban centerpiece to Nairobi’s growing global reputation.

In the master plan, Kenya Railways proposes to redesign and construct a massive transport hub on part of the 273- acre railway headquarters land as well as flyover links to major roads across Nairobi.

Implementation of the plan is estimated to cost about KES 27.9 billion for putting up the infrastructure for the railway city which will include landscaping, roads & pavements, railway infrastructure, water supply, sewerage systems, telecommunications, and power.

“The committee approved the request for the preparation of a budget to meet part of the cost of preparing the development plan,” said Governor Sonko.

Full implementation of the plan is expected to take 20 years and is divided into three phases. Phase one involves developing basic infrastructure (2020-2030), phase two for activation of the city’s economy (2030-2035), and phase three which will allow for spontaneous development following planning and development guidelines.

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