Credit: emirates24/7

Dubai is set to present its latest piece of luxury attractions to the world in October this year. The Middle Eastern economic powerhouse is set to launch the Queen Elizabeth 2 commonly referred to as QE2, as a world-class hotel.

The QE2 ocean liner, had been an outstanding part of the UK’s Cunard line’s fleet for 40 years since its launch by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1967 before it was purchased by Nakheel Hotels, a division of Dubai World in 2007 for $100m.

Measuring 293 metres and weighing 70,327 tons, the ship was one of the last great transatlantic liners and conceivably one of the most famous.

The ship, which made her maiden voyage to New York in 1969, made her final voyage in 2008 to Dubai where it has undergone a series of renovations to fit it for its new-found purpose. The mega liner, which has been docked at the Mina Rashid, a luxury artificial port, for final preparations to open it as a hotel in April of this year before the October launch.

Once a darling of the world’s major sea ports, and a companion of the vast oceans, the QE2 will embrace a different kind of mission when it opens its doors later in the year, being a luxury floating hotel, retail and entertainment destination.

Its transformation into a 13-deck hotel has been creatively carried out, maintaining her most loved interior design features including her antique furniture, renowned paintings, famous memorabilia and an interactive museum that showcases the QE2’s design, technology and lifestyle during the 60s when she was a pioneer.

While most unique features that identify the ship have been preserved, she has been infused with a new lifeline which is a modern state of the art technology.

Whether this will be her final act or not, is a subject for the future.

Source; QE2