Tatu City developers have set aside 100 acres of land for development. The land has been allocated for development of housing units under the government’s Affordable Housing Programme in the Big 4 Agenda.

Stephen Jennings, the founder and CEO of Rendeavour said the developer has already written a proposal to the government to take part in the housing programme.

“In Phase 2 of Tatu City, we have set aside 100 acres for the development of affordable housing, in support of the Big 4 Agenda. Our contemplation is that about 5,000 affordable housing units will be developed, with the cost of completed units ranging from KES 800,000 to KES 3 million,” said Jennings during the Tatu City groundbreaking ceremony.

“I am pleased to say that we have made a proposal to the Government of Kenya for this development, and I am glad that the Principal Secretary for Housing is here with us. Tatu City would like to engage the ministry on ways to delivery housing within the government’s affordable housing price range.”

He was speaking during the ground-breaking ceremony of Unity Homes, a local developer who will be putting up 1200 affordable housing units at Tatu City.

Jason Horsey, Director of Unity Homes said that the first project they are developing in Tatu City named Unity West, will cover 7 acres of the 22 acres of land the company has purchased.

Another developer, Karibu Homes, will be breaking ground on 1,300 homes at Tatu City. Lifestyle Heights is also working on the construction of 1,400 two and three-bedroom housing units while Rendeavour is planning its own 2,700-unit development.

The houses under the government’s Affordable Housing Programme will be financed and built by private developers on both private and national and county government land.

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