Joska property developments

A local developer is looking to build a commercial/residential property in Joska along Kangundo road in Machakos County. The property is located about 500m to the East of Joska Centre off Nairobi-Kangundo Road towards Malaa.

The building project involves the construction of two blocks of mixed commercial and residential units. The development is to be developed on 1 acre of land and shall be implemented in two phases.

Although the design of phase two-block has not been developed, it shall be a mirror of phase one block in terms of form, height and skyline.

Phase one comprises of one block of both commercial and residential units with over 50,000 sqft of commercial space from the ground through the third floor with the rest of the floors (4th to 8th floors) left to residential units made up of one-bedroom and three-bedroom floors.

According to regulatory filings, the development will have 75 one-bedroom units and 50 two-bedroom units in total.

Machakos County is part of the larger Nairobi Metropolitan Area which has seen a growth in housing demand over the years. Kiambu, Kajiado and Machakos Counties have been responsible for housing the overflow in population from Nairobi’s City Suburbs.

In many surrounding counties, demand for land has led to the conversion and subdivision of traditionally agricultural land into parcels for residential developments.

The project is estimated to cost Ksh. 300 million.

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