West Riverside Tower

Infinity Developers are in plans to launch a highrise apartment tower in Westlands that could rival Upperhill’s 88-Nairobi project.

The West Riverside Tower will sit on a piece of land measuring approximately 0.5 acres at the heart of Westlands business district, offering prime residential accommodation.

The company said on its website that the vision is ‘to create a building that evokes emotion on sight and on entry; a building that exudes an impression of the urban lifestyle so that upon sight and entry it strikes thoughts of high quality service and security.”

The nearly 40-floor proposed development site is located along Ring Road Westlands, opposite the Delta Annex building.

“As we peer into the future of the neighborhood there is a case for more hip and urban accommodation. At the moment within this half kilometer radius we have brand name hotels, top class business and residential accommodation and the reof the Nairobi skyscrapers within the Westlands District,” says the company.

The developer has already published a change of use notice on the site that currently hosts a single dwelling unit under occupation by an NGO, inviting public participation.

Westlands is expected to witness attract stable market sentiment conducive for growth as the node continues to be part of major infrastructural upgrades in recent years, the latest being the Nairobi Expressway.

Urban developers in Nairobi are warming up to the increase in infrastructure and taking strategic positions despite the recent market challenges with supply and demand in light of a fractured economic environment.

It is not clear when the project will begin. For now, urban and concrete enthusiasts remain skeptical as to whether the structure will materialize before 2022 elections given Kenya’s political fragility at certain seasons.

Infinite developers has been responsible for a number of developments in the city including Trident Grand Riverside, Clock Tower Suites and Lower Kabete Villas..

The company says it has operations in Nairobi, Somalia and Dubai.