Mombasa Gate Bridge
Preliminary Design

Mombasa Gate Bridge construction at the Kenyan coast is set to begin in 2021. The government said it has secured a Ksh. 82 billion deal in funding needed for the project from the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

On completion, the project will serve as the main connection between Mombasa Mainland South and Mombasa Island which are separated by the Likoni Channel where current crossing is by ferry.

The Mombasa Gate Bridge project will have 2 major components namely the main bridge and approach roads and the bridge design also allows for six interchanges through which traffic will get access to the bridge.

Preliminary designs show the bridge will be suspended on a 1.4-kilometer-long steel cable composed of three spans supported by 4 piers on both the Mombasa Island and Likoni sides of the channel.

It will also have a 660 meters long main span anchored by 2 piers mounted at the shallow shoreline on Mombasa side and in front of the Zanzibar Palace Ruins on the Likoni side. Side spans will be 330m long and will be supported on 2 additional piers on either side.

Development of the 13.2 Km Mombasa Gate Bridge project is inclusive of approach roads and is likely to affect a total of 725 plots accounting for 62.6 hectares of land. Both Likoni and Shika Adabu locations account for 73.8% of the plots traversed and 76.8% of the total land to be acquired.

The entire bridge construction project will displace a total of 1201 housing structures, of which 76.8% are accounted for by Likoni and Shika Adabu locations of Mainland South. According to a JICA feasibility study, the Mombasa Gateway Bridge will potentially displace 1706 households.

Project financier JICA has formulated a Resettlement Action Plan to carter for expected displacements. The organization estimates it will spend Ksh. 9.403 billion for implementation of the resettlement plan.

The four-lane bridge is expected to be a key infrastructure piece at the coast in addition to port infrastructure and the recently completed Dongo Kundu bypass. It will increase connectivity and be a major spur of economic activity at the coast.

The project is to be funded by a concessionary loan payable over a period of 28-years and will be implemented by the Kenya National Highways Authority.

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