Chinese construction companies

Chinese construction companies have grown to dominate the local construction industry in Kenya and other African countries.

Kenya ranks 4th in attracting global contractors in Africa, after South Africa, Ethiopia and Nigeria according to research by Centum real estate.

Foreign contractors in the country number about 65 in the country according to the research, with 15 different nationalities involved.

According to Centum, construction industry growth in Kenya and Ethiopia has been too slow while Rwanda has been on the boom. However, it points out that there are scalability constraints in Rwanda’s construction markets even though it forecasts Y-o-Y growth of above 10 percent for Rwanda between 2020-2029.

The report projects slowing Y-o-Y growth for both Kenya and Ethiopia’s construction industries during the same period, with the Kenyan case attributed to financial constraints and base effects.

The data shows that Chinese construction companies have made significant inroads into the African construction industry and now claim top spot in most countries.

Below are the top contractors on the continent according to the report:

  1. Sinohydro Corporation
  2. China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC)
  3. China Henan International Cooperation Group Company Limited
  4. China Communications Construction Company(CCCC)
  5. China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC)
  6. China Road and Bridge Corporation
  8. Mota-Engil China
  9. Geo-Engineering Corporation (CGC)

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